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1453515504404My name is Carrianne and this is my book review blog. I’m 25 and going to school for Library Information Technology. In 2015, I fell back in love with reading and discovered the wonderful site that is Goodreads. In June I joined the reading challenge and read 59 books in six months. From there, I’ve bought a kindle, discovered kindle unlimited, and continued to nurture my love for reading. Thus, Cuppa ‘n Critiques was born. The cuppa comes from my second love, tea. I just recently got super into tea, which probably stemmed from the discovery of a “cultural arts” cafe near me (it’s basically a Starbucks for tea lovers!).

When I’m not cuddled up with my kindle, I’m probably writing something. I’m just as obsessed with writing as I am with reading and tea. My friend and I are currently in the midst of writing our own novel that we plan on self-publishing. Fingers crossed that it works out! :D:D

84c58f945c4a06ca8f9e20586a8b9fe3Then when I’m not writing, I’m travelling through all of time and space with the Doctor in a blue police box. Shhh don’t tell anyone though. 😉 If he’s busy, then I enjoy catching a game of hockey on TV and cheering on the Chicago Blackhawks. Occasionally, I enjoy going into the city and walking through the art museum just to feel more cultured, or listening to Pentatonix on repeat.

I mostly read young adult novels occasionally mixed in with a few new adult books here and there. My favorite genres are high fantasy and dystopian, but I’m always looking for new genres and books to fall in love with!

If you would like to send me a book for review, please read my review policy first.


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