Monday Morning Cuppa | ACOMAF Dreamtea(m) Review

Can we take a moment to talk about the fact that ACOWAR finally comes out IN EIGHT DAYS??? I just….I can’t contain myself (clearly). Anyway, for today’s Monday Morning Cuppa I’m going to review a couple of teas that I bought from Etsy and are inspired by Rhysand and Feyre during Starfall.

The “Dream Tea(m)”

Feyre: Apple, Hibiscus, sweet Blackberry leaves, White Chocolate and Raspberries, Edible glitter.

Rhysand: Apple, Hibiscus, Elderberry, Orange peel, Rosehip peel, Sour Cherries and Almonds, Edible glitter.

I bought both a while ago as part of the special edition Dream Tea(m) listing from Bookishteas. Right now I believe this particular set is sold out, but they have a ton of other book-inspired teas to try.

My Thoughts


  • Both of the teas smell absolutely delicious.
  • The edible glitter looks gorgeous when you brew the tea.
  • They included two homemade chocolate cookies to eat with your tea.
  • Agave helps bring out the flavors in this tea really well.


  • I hate to say it, but the teas taste the same to me (even though the Feyre tea smells fabulous from the white chocolate).
  • I haven’t quite found the magic brewing combination yet (aka how much tea to use and how long to brew it).
  • That being said, the tea doesn’t have ton of flavor beyond “tart”.
  • I don’t think this tea really embodies Starfall because it is so tart. I think it needs to be a little sweeter.
  • I do not like how it tasted with honey, and it has no flavor on its own.

This isn’t a tea that I sit and drink in one sitting; unfortunately I find myself putting my mug down and forgetting about it until it’s already gone cold and I have to reheat it. I really wanted to like the teas because smelling them and looking at the ingredients, they sounded delicious. I just really have a problem with the fact that the hibiscus overpowers all of the other flavors and makes them taste similar.

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5 thoughts on “Monday Morning Cuppa | ACOMAF Dreamtea(m) Review

  1. Tomi says:

    I haven’t read ACOMAF but the first book was good. After finding out what happened with Tamlin the Tool, I totally ship Feysand now! I love your blog by the way

    Liked by 1 person

    • Carrianne says:

      Thank you so much! Just so you know (for future reference) instead of going to everyone’s blog you nominate/tag, you can just link to their about me page and they’ll get a notification. ☺️


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