LootCrate “Dream Crate” Project

Hey guys! Today’s post is actually a pretty exciting one because I’ve been wanting to do something like this for a while. Last month I was contacted by LootCrate asking if I was interested in creating my “dream crate” and writing a post about it. A couple emails later, here we are! I think this is beyond cool and I wanted to thank LootCrate for reaching out to me and giving me this awesome opportunity.

If you haven’t heard of Loot Crate, they’re a monthly subscription box that sends you 4-6 items each month that retail for over $50. They offer multiple types of boxes and partner with brands like Marvel, Potterworld, and Saurio to bring you crates that they know you’ll love. OH, and the best part about the ‘dream crate’ project is that anyone can do it! So, if you want to create your own dream crate and post about it, go ahead! There’s a chance your dream will be turned into a reality!

I’ve been hemming and hawing about my theme until I finally decided to go with one that I think fits in nicely with Valentine’s Day (albeit belated now, but oh well): OTPs.

I want to apologize for any wonky formatting in this post. I sat for two hours fidgeting with html tags and nothing worked. Anyway, let’s open up this box and see what goodies await us!

**Images are linked to where to buy**


First up, we have this punny shirt that I found on Redbubble (get it, punny? Haha). It says “OTP: Shipping anything, anywhere, anytime.” I don’t know about you, but this immediately reminds me not only of book fans, but TV, movie, you name it. I’ve had conversations (at length) about which characters should be together and why we don’t like other couples. You can bet that I’d be rocking this shirt with pride. I will take any opportunity I can get to gush about my ships.


The Nightmare Before Christmas is a beloved movie in my household, so naturally I will always ship Jack and Sally. They’re just so darn sweet together. Plus funkos are the cutest stinking thing ever. I always love when I get one in a subscription box and put it on my shelf.


Rowan & Aelin are one of my favorite ships I’ve ever read. Sarah J. Maas has this magical ability to make readers fall in love with her characters so hard they become real people. I’ve never wanted two people to come together more than these two (ok, maybe with the exception of Feyre and Rhysand). This candle from acourtofcandles on Etsy has two layers; the top smells like Aelin and the bottom smells like Rowan and it’s named after a quote from Queen of Shadows.


As I mentioned in my Top Ten Tuesday post yesterday, Rhys and Feyre are my #1 ship right now, if ever.  I was browsing Redbubble and came across this beaut in a vinyl sticker form for my laptop. Eight stickers , a coupon code, and $8 later, I picked out a bunch of stickers with my favorite ships. I think either a sticker with a popular ship or a pack of stickers themed around ships would be super cute.


I  can’t help but to love Romeo & Juliet. I always feel so sad for them and have trouble watching when Romeo rushes back to Verona to mourn his new bride. *sigh* Call me a hopeless romantic if you like. Anyway, this tote has about 30,000 words from the text printed on it and if you look at it closely, you can read what it says. I love my Cinder shirt that I bought from Litographs and have definitely been eyeing…well, everything on the site.


I just recently discovered Bookified on Etsy and I’m absolutely obsessed with it. I ordered two letters from Rhysand and they are probably one of the most original ideas ever. She sends you a beautifully scented handwritten letter that captures the voice of the character (it’s either about something in the book or whatever you want if you choose a longer/custom option). There are a few different ones, and I think the letter from Mr. Darcy is gorgeous. Plus, who wouldn’t want a letter from Mr. Fitzwilliam? He’s a classic. 😉


I’ve just recently jumped on the Outlander train and let me tell you that I love Jamie and Claire together (once we get past the not-so-great start). ReadandWonder is my go-to store for magnetic bookmarks because they’re adorable, high quality, and get to me fairly quickly despite the fact that they’re coming  from Australia.

That is my dream crate, guys. I hope you enjoyed this and whats more, would love to get this box as much as me. Until next time guys!

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2 thoughts on “LootCrate “Dream Crate” Project

  1. Elou Carroll says:

    This is so cool. I subscribe to the Harry Potter Loot Crate and it’s always so wonderful. I love Loot Crate.

    My favourite thing in your crate is the Outlander bookmarks. The Outlander train is a good train to be on. Your dream box is great, and you piked a great theme!

    Liked by 1 person

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