Blogging Goals for This Year | Top Ten Tuesday

Welcome back to the blog! Today is Tuesday, which means that it’s time for another edition of Top Ten Tuesday. This is a meme hosted by the lovely ladies over at The Broke and the Bookish, where we compile a list of ten bookish items based on the theme for the week. This week’s theme was a freebie, so I decided to my Top Ten Blogging Goals for 2017.

UPload Regularly at least twice a week/Stick to my post schedule.

If you’re ever wondering when you might see a certain kind of post from me, I have a whole post schedule on my blog that maps out when things go up. However, sticking to posting that many times a week (at least right now) can be a bit overwhelming, so I’m going to try to post at least twice a week. If I can do more than that, awesome! If not, I won’t chastise myself for not getting more than that up.

Reach 200 followers.

This definitely has something to do with me, but a lot of it is out of my control (I think). I just want to put out content that makes people want to read more and follow me. I love interacting with everyone and getting inspired by the posts that I read. I still can’t believe how many of you are already following me on my little corner of the internet. 😀 Thank you!

Follow more Blogspot blogs.

Soooo I’m totally guilty of only following  Wordpress blogs, but that’s because there is no easy way for me to follow blogs outside of that. I’ve tried and for whatever reason, it just doesn’t like me; it says that I’m a robot, or that my password is invalid. Ooooook? I promise you that I’m human! I’ve found all these blogs that have awesome content, but they’re on Blogspot and the system doesn’t like me. 😛

Learn how to use Blog Lovin’.

Continuing with the idea of following more blogs/gaining followers, I’d love to learn how to utilize Blog Lovin’. I’ve heard that once you get the hang of it, it’s actually quite useful and really cool. If anyone has a blog post or knows of one that’s useful, please let me know! Meanwhile, it’s off to google for me.

Create discussions with my posts.

In short, I’d love to create more thought-provoking content. I got a couple comments on my review of Rise & Ruin, and I loved it! They actually helped me articulate my thoughts a little better than I did in the review itself. I love the discussions that Reg and Ari do on their blogs, just to name a couple. There have even been a couple times when I’ve gone on  to write a post inspired by a conversation I had with them or a post that I read. I love deep conversations about books and all things having to do with them.

Create more original content.

Some of my favorite posts that I ever written have been original content; I’m quite proud of my Bookstore Bucketlist and Literary Hotel posts because they turned out so well. I’d like to start talking about blogging tips and HTML a little more. While I’ve been blogging for a little over a year now (I missed my anniversary, oops) I’ve knowledge from wanting to major in web design and taking classes. Plus, everyone has their own spin on things so I think it’s cool to put my two-scents out there, you know?

Self-host my blog.

Right now I’m just using a free account on WordPress and the lack of customization is driving me insane. Eventually, I’d love to move everything over to a self-hosted website where I have free reign of everything and you guys can actually get a taste of my aesthetic. I just need to do a little research about where to host, the cost, all that fun stuff. If anyone has any advice, I’m all ears!

Redesign my blog/create new graphics.

My sister drew my little teacup logo and I’m in love with it. Now I just want to spice things up a little more and create graphics for each type of post I create. This will be a slow process because my sister just started classes and she’s going to have long days. I wish I had the artistic ability to draw them myself, but alas I do not (nor do I have the patience). As for redesigning the blog, that’ll come with (hopefully) self-hosting whenever I have control of the actual design of the blog.

Start  a bookstagram.

There are two main reasons that I haven’t done this yet: I don’t read enough physical books to truly have a ‘bookstagram’ and I hardly post to my Instagram now, so I don’t know if I’d post to a new one. However, as of lately I’ve been inspired with my photos so maybe, just maybe I’ll start one.

Join a readathon.

Where does one even join a readathon? I’ve seen them numerous times on my feed, but I have no idea (or remember) where to go to join one. By the time I see one,  it’s usually too late to join in on the fun. (Or maybe I’m just making excuses for myself. :P)

That’s it for my ten blogging goals this year! What blogging goals do you have for the year? Also, what’d you decide to do with your freebie today? Leave a link to your TTT below and I’ll be sure to check it out! 😀

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11 thoughts on “Blogging Goals for This Year | Top Ten Tuesday

  1. Jess (beaucoupbooks) says:

    In my experience, the best place to find readathons has been through groups on Goodreads and Twitter. Usually on WordPress I only find out about them during or after they’ve happened which sucks 😛 good luck with your goals!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tiana says:

    I love all these resolutions, especially the one for more original content, because honestly the best posts I have had the pleasure of reading have all been original and it helps you learn so much about a person and what they think of most.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Emily | Rose Read says:

    Awesome goals! I also want to self-host eventually, but that probably won’t happen for me in 2017. I agree about the lack of customization. I think your blog looks lovely, though! I also tried using Bloglovin for several months and then stopped b/c I like the WordPress Reader better since it’s all in one place. You can follow Blogspot blogs on your WordPress Reader if you just copy/paste their URL into your follow manager. I started doing that after I discovered it recently. I still have my Bloglovin b/c it has gained me a few followers outside of WordPress, but I never use it, lol. Good luck on your goals, they are awesome!!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Carrianne says:

      I remember reading about using Bloglovin’ somewhere, but my google search came up short. I logged on today and found a bunch of blogs to follow. I haven’t figured out the secret yet though. Didn’t know about copying and pasting the URL though. Thanks!

      Liked by 1 person

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