Unboxing | The Best Damn Book Box – Game of Thrones

Hellooooooo everyone!

I am finally coming at you with an unboxing post for a new subscription box I found a couple months ago. Ironically, it wasn’t on radar nor was it in my battle of the subscription boxes post (thanks for mentioning my post a couple months ago by the way, Reg!). I actually didn’t receive my box until last month, due to unforeseen circumstances with Nicole’s (the curator/founder/whatever you’d like to call her) family.

The Best Damn Book Box was created by Nicole Tate and is run by her and her family. It’s a small operation, which is why they’ve been a bit behind on the shipments of their boxes, but as far as I can tell from the one box I’ve received so far, it is worth the wait!

Over the summer (and thanks to my first FairyLoot Box) I quickly became obsessed with Game of Thrones and needed to ingest as many episodes as possible. So, naturally, when I found this box and saw that the theme was Game of Thrones for June, I scooped it up. Upon opening it, I was thrilled with everything I saw because they were centered around one of my favorite characters.

Let’s get to the goodies so you can see them too, shall we?

Upon opening the box, I had to chuckle at the little spray of red wormies (I don’t know what else to call them, ok?), especially compared to the FairyLoot boxes that are chalked full of them. However, I quickly moved past that once I saw the kickass wax seal on the envelope that held the card of spoilers (explains what’s in the box). I opened that up and found that the picture on the card was a drawing of Daenerys and Drogon.

BDBB Overview

Ripping into the tissue paper, I was met with this beautiful gaggle of goodies. The necklace is the House of Targaryen sigil, the magnetic bookmarks are Khal Drogo and Jon Snow, and the button is the same picture as the card I mentioned above. For the long wait, they graciously gave everyone an extra goodie, and I received a bag of wax crumbles that are scented like Jon Snow.

BDBB Daenerys Goodies

As I unwrapped the book, I was met with even more gorgeous artwork: a Jon Snow watercolor bookmark, Daenerys art print, book plate for Crystal Crowned, and a bookmark for The Bad Seed.BDBB Bookmarks

Last but not least, we have the book! The book we received was The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye. This book sounds similar to Throne of Glass, so I’m really excited to dive into it.Crown's Game

What I Got/Overview:

  • Handcrafted Watercolor Bookmark of Jon Snow – @marquisdusoleil
  • Magnetic bookmarks in a variety of pairs (I got Khal Drogo & Jon Snow) – @nerdygrldesigns
  • Handmade Stark or Targaryen Necklace – The Best Damn Craft Shop
  • Handcrafted Dragon’s Egg Coaster – @Pigseyart
  • Art print of the Mother of Dragons – @marquisdusoleil
  • Bad Seed Book Mark – @MikeLackey23
  • Crystal Crowned Book Plate – @Elise.Kova
  • Mother of Dragons Pin – @inifnitydesigns
  • **bonus item**Jon Snow Wax Crumbles – @onceupaonawick
  • Hardcover Copy of The Crown’s Game by Evelyn Skye

Cost of the Box: $39.99

BDBB Overview 2

I was really impressed with this box, despite the wait (I got it a month late). I’d definitely recommend this box! It’s a little cheaper than FairyLoot, and if you live in the US it’s domestic! I’m anxiously looking forward to the next few boxes. (:

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5 thoughts on “Unboxing | The Best Damn Book Box – Game of Thrones

  1. Carrianne says:

    Hey Allison! Yessss do it, then we can talk about it at work. (Because we totally had nothing to talk about, lol.) I think they have a code for first-time subscribers too. 😃


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