Top Ten Tuesday | Tuesday Rewind

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Today is Tuesday, so that means that it’s time for another Top Ten Tuesday post. This a meme that was created over at The Broke and the Bookish where we’re given a topic for the week, and then create a list surrounding it.

This week’s topic: Rewind! Go back and do a topic you’ve missed. This means that I’m going to do the “Ten Reasons I Love X.” I’m not telling you the topic until we get into the post. However, I will tell you that I decided to stray from bookish and hop into geek.

Let’s get into this sucker, shall we?

If you’ve read my about me page, it shouldn’t be a surprise to you that I’ve chosen to talk about Doctor Who this week. I love this show and I think everyone should watch it, haha.

The Doctor

Seeing as the show is called Doctor Who, I’d say that the Doctor is a pretty big part of the show. Which he is, both in the storyline and in the acting. I started watching the show a couple years ago when it was in between Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi. They say that your favorite doctor is your first. Nope. Not the case. It’s been said that the favorite Doctor of all time is David Tennant as the 10th doctor, and while I really liked him and totally cried like a baby when it was his time to go, my favorite doctor turned out to be Matt Smith (the 11th). I loved his portrayal in that he was childish and fun, but had a dark side to him and wasn’t afraid to get mad. Plus, we get a new doctor every few seasons, and each actor’s portrayal is different. So while it’s the same character, you essentially get a whole new Doctor.

The Companions

With each Doctor comes his companions. For those that aren’t familiar with the show, these are the people that travel with him and keep him grounded/help him out in all of the crazy situations they find themselves in. I think I’ve honestly loved all of them, but my favorites were Rory and Amy. The two of them were just so darn cute, and most definitely weren’t afraid to put the Doctor in his place. They also become the Doctor’s family, which gives him motivation to get things done. They’ve also been parts of some huge storylines that have been some “whoa” moments in the show.

The Aliens/Makeup

Ok, so the number of different aliens they meet on the show is awesome, and the makeup that the actors wear is even better. I’m a huge fan of the movie makeup industry, and one of my favorite reality shows to watch is Face Off on SyFy. There are new aliens in every episode with usually more than one of these aliens roaming around and threatening the human race. It astounds me what they come up with and the volume in which they do. As for the aliens themselves, I think they’re pretty stinking cool as well. I  wouldn’t want to meet half of them because they’re kind of sort of terrifying, which tells me that they were written well, haha.

The Action

Holy crap you guys, this show has a ton of action. I don’t know if the Doctor and his companions walk anywhere. It feels like they shimmer in on the Tardis, find trouble, and run the rest of the episode. Depending on the Doctor, he’s usually bouncing and running around inside the Tardis as well. (David Tennant comes to mind here…) Like most shows, some episodes have more action than others, but the little bit of action they do have is still good. Aside from the running, there’s usually a lot of other stuff going on. Sometimes there are explosions, other times the spaceship is breaking down (also including a few explosions), and one time there was a giant eyeball in the sky. You’re never bored watching Doctor Who. There’s always something going on somewhere and sometime.

The Catchphrases

I feel like with each new Doctor comes a new catchphrase. For Christopher Eccleston, it was, “Fantastic,” David Tennant said, “Allons-y,” like, all the time, and Matt Smith liked to say, “Geronimo” and “Bow ties are cool.” These phrases give me life (especially allons-y) and I love when they make it into a funny moment. (See Voyage of the Damned. One of my favorite lines ever is in that episode.)

The Music

I. Love. The Music for this show. More specifically, the seasons that Matt Smith is in; his theme song is my jam. You always know when something big is about to happen or currently happening because his theme music kicks up in the background. There’s also something about the melody that I love and can’t quite put my finger on. My theory is that it’s mostly woodwinds, and as a former Clarinet player, I tend to flock toward that sound. Haha.

The Storylines

I mentioned briefly that some of the storylines and characters created “whoa” moments in the show. I love how intricately the characters are weaved into these storylines and create some really unexpected plot twists. A lot of this, unsurprisingly, happened with Matt Smith’s run as the doctor, but also carried over into the newer seasons with Peter Capaldi. Everything has a purpose on the show, with the exception of one of the character’s exits. I wasn’t a huge fan of the way they handled things and I felt like such a big moment was anticlimactic.

The Settings

The sets for this show are awesome. While it’s a BBC show and primarily takes place in England, they travel all across time and space. There have been episodes that have taken place in ancient Greece, the US, and the North Pole. I love when they incorporate a historic figure and/or event that the Doctor and his companion(s) have to work around because otherwise it’ll cause a cataclysmic event. (Which is basically the entire premise of the show…but moving on..)



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