Catching Up with Carrie #8 – 8/7/16


Favorite Song: The Bells of Notre Dame (Cover) – Jonathan Young

Currently Watching: Game of Thrones (still, I stopped for a while).
Favorite Tea: Don’t have one right now.
Favorite Food: Quinoa. It’s super random, but I’m obsessed with it right now.
App: Best Fiends. I can’t stop playing it.
Weather: HOT.
Mood: Kinda bummed, I was supposed to visit my friend at school this weekend and had to cancel because I had issues with one of my tires.
Obsession: Incense. I’m currently burning one and it smells like a bouquet of flowers. 😀

Personal News

  • I interviewed at a library a couple weeks ago, and I’m hoping with all my heart that I got the job.
  • I finished my library classes, and while I really enjoyed what I learned they consumed my life this summer. It got kind of annoying, actually.
  • That being said, the fall semester starts up in a couple weeks and I’m still not registered for my classes. (This is for reasons that are out of my hands for the moment.)
  • I’m randomly thinking about becoming a vegetarian; I say random because this has come out of nowhere. As it is, I don’t eat a ton of meat outside of chicken.
  • My sister left for Maine today. I’m so jealous of her (and I’m going to miss her a ton)!
  • My FairyLoot box made it aaaaaaall the way to the US just to get lost by the USPS. Go figure.
  • Still haven’t received my first box from Best Damn Book Box – she’s had personal stuff go down and first-time subscribers are low on the priority list when it comes to the shipment waves. Cool.

Blog News

  • We’re halfway to 200 followers already! Yay! Thank you so much for everyone who clicked follow, even when I wasn’t posting regularly.
  • I’m back in full force! (At least until school starts. I think I’ll be able to manage though.)
  • Still waiting on new graphics from sister dearest…. ;P

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