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Happy Wednesday everyone! I’m coming at you today with a Wanderlust Wednesday post. Whaaaaaat? What’s that? This is a feature that I created to help cure worsen my wanderlust with posts about travelling that pertain to book-ish things. Back in May, the wonderful miss Emily over at Rose Read wrote a guest post that had to do with Literary Destinations & Tourism. I decided to take this idea and run with it, but whereas she focused on varying kinds of destinations, I’ve decided to make this a mini series with each post covering a specific kind of destination.

This week’s topic: Literary Hotels. These hotels are so stinking cool and I want to stay in all of them. Blogosphere field trip anyone? 😉

**I do not own any of the photos. Images are linked to their sources.**


Wizard Chambers 1 Wizard Chambers 2Hidden behind a bookcase door, visitors can step into the world of Harry Potter and stay in rooms that look like they’ve jumped out of the book/off the screen and into real life. The site says, “Each room features faux castle details such as stained glass windows, stone walls, archways, trunks, cauldrons, four-poster beds hung with velvet curtains and an abundance of other curious artifacts. Wood burning stoves, cauldrons in fireplaces and tapestries complete the look.” I mean…look at these rooms. Yes, please! I’d love to stay in these awesome rooms at night and then mosey on over to the official HP Tour, which conveniently, is located right around the corner. They also have a virtual tour of the rooms on their site so you can get a better feel of the rooms. Have I mentioned how cool I think this is?


Hobbit Motel 2 hobbit-hotel-1The owner’s wife is a huge fan of The Lord of the Rings books and suggested to her husband that he open a hobbit-themed motel. This little six-room motel was the result, and I think it’s one of the cutest looking things ever. My only complaint is that the theme doesn’t carry to inside the rooms; they just look like normal motel rooms, which kind of lessens the magic a little; but if you wake up with a warthog or donkey on the roof, all is well. (I’m not kidding here guys, people have mentioned this in reviews and it’s fantastic.)


Jules Verne - Sylvia Beach Hotel Oscar Wilde Room - Sylvia Beach HotelThis entire hotel is themed around books and literature, and there are three different types of rooms you can book: “Classics,” which include Mark Twain and Agatha Christie; “Best Sellers,” such as Alice Walker, Jane Austen, and Shakespeare; and “Novels,” like Jules Verne and Oscar Wilde. Since the hotel has no televisions, wifi, phones, or alarm clocks, you have no choice but to literally immerse yourself in a good book (which you can also get from the large library they have).


The Commons Hotel Library The Commons HotelThis hotel is located on the campus of the University of Minnesota, and it looks absolutely gorgeous. The reason why it makes the list is not only for the library from which guests can read books and borrow them, but for the Book Butler that will deliver books to your room. You read that right; there’s someone on-call that will deliver something for you to read right to your door. Order a book, hot tea, and delicious breakfast and I’d never leave my bed!


Batman Room 2I’ve been wanting to go to Taiwan for a while, and looking at the pictures for this room has only made me want to go more. I’m not a huge DC comics fan, but if I had to choose a favorite it would be Batman. This room looks like the batcave. The walls and ceiling make you feel like you’re in the batcave, the bed had the batman logo, and the TV frame/stand is also in the shape of the logo. So while not your classic literary-themed room, I figured I’d still include. After all, Batman comes from a comic book. Comic books are people…err books too, right??

I think all of these hotels are gorgeous and incredibly unique in their own ways. My favorite (and most practical for me) is the Sylvia Beach Hotel. The rooms are gorgeous, the hotel is on the beach, and I really like how you can lose yourself in a good book.

Which of these is your favorite? Are there any hotels I didn’t mention that you’d love to visit? I know there are more out there. Leave a comment and let’s chat. (:

Thanks for stopping by!


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