The “I Messed Up” Book Tag

Thank you so much to Izzi @ The Ravenclaw Book Club for tagging me to do this! I just found out that I’m a fellow Ravenclaw, so I’m feeling the Ravenclaw love! If you aren’t already following her, I highly recommend it. Her blog is absolutely lovely. 😀 I’m anxious to get to some of these questions, so let’s jump to it!

A character appearance that you misread or imagined differently.

If I’m totally honest with myself, probably every character I’ve ever read. Especially if they go through some kind of transformation in the middle of the book/series they’re in. However I think the worst was Scout in To Kill A Mockingbird; I 100% pictured a little black girl until they pointed out she was white….awkward (my sister did this too, which I think is hilarious).

A character name that you’ve been pronouncing wrong.

I pronounced Rhys’s name wrong for what felt like forever. Even after I read the pronunciation guide in the back of ACOTAR (thank you SJM), I wanted to pronounce it ‘rice’ versus ‘reese.’ Now I’ve adjusted and I’m good. The names I have a problem with now are the ones from the Grisha universe. 😛

An overused trope that is your guilty pleasure.

Insta-love as long as it is done well and feels like it belongs/works for the characters. Looking back at book like Twilight and consequently Fifty Shades of Grey, I have no idea where their intense love/dependency came from, and it drove me insane. I also didn’t like the whole yoyo thing ‘come here…no go away…no come here.’

A cliché character type that you like better on screen than reading about.

‘The Chosen One’ for sure. I just feel like it’s better to see how different they are rather than have to be told a thousand times while I’m reading. One of my favorite times this is done is in Beauty and the Beast (yes, the Disney movie); I love how they had only Belle dressed in blue while the rest of the town was dressed in browns, greens, and reds.

A word/phrase you learned because of its use in a book.

Uhhhh….none that I can think of at the moment. Let me get back to you on that one.

Have you ever not read or completed a required-reading book for school?

Please see my 10 Books I’ve Lied About post. (In other words, yes I have. 😉 )

Have you ever skipped (or wanted to) a chapter from the point of view of a character you weren’t interested in?

Uhhhh boy have I wanted to, especially when Manon was introduced in Heir of Fire. SJM inserted Manon’s chapters right when things were starting to really get going with Celaena. I was incredibly tempted to skip her chapters just because I didn’t like her chapters and didn’t see how her story was relevant. In the end, I’m glad I didn’t because things got really interesting.

Have you ever cancelled social plans to read a book?

Have I actually cancelled them because of this reason? Nope. I have however, brought my tablet over to my friend’s house to read when we had downtime, or read because plans got cancelled for an entirely different reason. I’d say that I’m a hardcore reader, but not quite that hardcore.

Tag you’re it!

If you’ve already done the tag or don’t feel like, don’t mind me!

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7 thoughts on “The “I Messed Up” Book Tag

  1. Ravenclaw Book Club says:

    Sorry I’m only getting to this now, I’m still on holiday. 😅
    I’m glad you’re a fellow Ravenclaw! 😊
    I definitely think the intense love in Twilight was weirdly done, but I still adore those books and the movies as well. 💕

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