Monday Morning Cuppa #9 || Alex Waters

Happy Memorial Day to those who are celebrating it! If you’re not, then happy Monday! I”m bring you another edition of Monday Morning Cuppa. This a feature I created where I pick a tea and a book/character and talk about why I think they go to together. 🙂

This week  I went with a maple flavored tea and Alex Waters from Pucked by Helena Hunting.

Tea & Character

24504274Tea: Maple | K’Tizo Tea
Character: Alex Waters | Pucked
Reasoning: Aside from the obvious (once you’ve read the book) fact that Alex is from Canada, there’s a part where he sends Violet a box of maple sugar candies which she’s never had before. She and her family try them and enjoy them so much that they makes sounds that “sound like they’re on the brink of a sugar orgasm.” It’s hilarious. This tea isn’t quite as sweet as I imagine these candies to be (I’ve never had them myself. They don’t sound like my cup of tea. Haha, no pun intended. Honestly.), but there’s a hint of maple there that I was pleasantly surprised by.


The Review

What I Like: I like that this tea isn’t oh-my-god-I-just-drank-a-cup-of-syrup. The maple flavor is there, but isn’t subtle. I was wary about trying this tea because it’s just called “Maple” tea. All that made me think of was maple syrup. However, I tried it and found that I actually kind of liked it with a little honey, haha.

What I Don’t Like: In all honesty, I’ve only had this tea once. There isn’t a whole lot for me to go on. Most of what I like is just me being surprised.

Consensus: I would give this tea a try, if you can find it or something like it. I just realized that I failed to mention that this specific company no longer sells this tea. My friend gave it to me after buying it on clearance. 😛

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