Wanderlust Wednesday || Movies & TV Shows Set Outside the US

Welcome to back to Wanderlust Wednesday!  This is a feature that I created where I talk about travel-ish stuff usually having to do with books. However, I decided to do something different and go with my favorite movies and TV shows that take place outside of the US (as far as I know).


Doctor Who

I am stupidly obsessed with this show and I’m so bummed that BBC pulled it off Hulu and Netflix, leaving a handful of episodes available on Amazon Prime video. With the doctor, you can you travel anywhere and when you want. Who wouldn’t want to do that? I think it’d be cool to witness historical events from afar or meet some of the aliens on the show. Side note though: if you go with this show, steer clear of London at Christmas. 😉doctor who gif.gif


This is yet another show that BBC pulled from streaming services, but I’m also totally in love with. Sherlock takes us to modern day London where Sherlock and John solve mysteries from good ol’ 22B Baker Street. I think Benedict Cumberbatch is brilliant as Sherlock and Martin Freeman complements him quite nicely as John Watson. I love their dynamic together and since I’ve never been to London, this show just makes me want to go and see where they’ve gone on the show.sherlock.gif

The Tudors

I wasn’t old enough to watch this show when it was Showtime, but it’s on Netflix in it’s entirety and I’m obsessed with it. Jonathan Rhys Meyers is so cute and I’ve got the biggest crush on him, plus Henry Cavill (Superman) make an appearance as King Henry VIII’s right-hand man, Charles Brandon, Duke of Suffolk. Oh, and Hunger Games (movie) fans might recognize Natalie Dormer aka Cressida, as Anne Boleyn. A whole bunch of pretty people on an awesome show. I’d love to visit Tudor England. It’s one of my favorite time periods.the tudors


I’m trying so hard to get into this show you guys, but I’m having some difficulty. The first few episodes are so slow moving, but my coworkers say that it’s really good. I think I’m going to power through it with hopes that it picks up. Plus guess who was cast for season 5? My man Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Sooooooo yeah, I think I’ll be watching it once he’s on the show. Like all the men, he’s so pretty. Haha. Not to mention, that I have ancestors who were vikings, so it’s kinda cool to think that maybe they had to live like this.vikings.gif



I remember when this movie came out. I was 7 years old and obsessed with it. To this day I love the movie and have probably watched it on Netflix more than I should admit. Of course, I sing along to all the songs, and anyone who says that don’t sing along to “I’ll Make a Man Out of You” is lying. How can you not??? Donny Osmond rocked that song, hahaha. Plus, Mulan is badass and empowering, especially at the end when she talks to the Emperor. Goosebumps every time.mulan


This is hands down my all-time favorite movie. It holds a dear place in my heart thanks to my great-grandma who also loved it and shared a birthday with the real Princess Anastasia. While the princess is from Russia, most of the movie takes place in Paris, France, which is someplace that I’d love to visit someday. I’ll just dance down the street singing, “Paris holds the key to your heart” ignoring the weird looks and pretending like I’m in the movie. 😉anastasia.gif

Little Nemo

Moving on to something a little more fantastical, we’ve got Little Nemo: Adventures in Slumberland. I feel like this movie is super underrated and no one has seen it. If you have, please let me know because I think we’d be best friends. This movie makes me wish that Slumberland were a real place that you can visit, and where Princesses send you a box full of cookies to entice you to come. There are secret passages, giant rooms filled with toys, and you can spend your days bouncing around through the sky in giant balls, then sit in the clouds and watch the city below. Sounds awesome, no?iykNMKD.gif

Howl’s Moving Castle

Yep, I’d love to live in Howl’s moving castle. That thing is awesome, and despite the fact that he’s so over dramatic, I think it’d be awesome. Poor Sophie doesn’t get enough credit having to put up with Howl and his mood swings.howl's moving castle.gif

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