Accidental Mini-Hiatus

Hey guys!

I wanted to apologize for my mini hiatus this week. As some of you may know, I went to BookCon last weekend, and I was in the city Friday-Sunday. When I got back, I had finals this week, and that pretty much wiped me out. My need to stick with my posting schedule screwed me over, so the more behind I got on posts for the week, the more anxious I got. That being said, I’ve decided to just take the week off (and also hang out with my best friend while she’s home for two weeks) and write my posts for next week. I should hopefully resume my regular posting schedule and be a better blog follower. I’ve realized I’ve been sucking at that monumentally as of the last couple of months. Ughhhh.

I’m going to go now, and power write some posts (I know I said I was on twitter, but for some reason my BookCon wrap up post took me forever), and map out what needs to be done in my planner.

Thanks for bearing with me! I’ll see you on the radio.


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