Catching Up with Carrie #5 || 5/8/16

Happy Mother’s Day!

I hope you’re having a fantastic day spending time with your mother/grandmother/motherly figure in your life and/or if you are a mom! Today my mom just wanted to relax and avoid the crowds, so we did a majority of our celebrating yesterday. (No worries, this post is pre-written and scheduled, so I’m not shirking any of my daughterly duties. Though don’t feel bad for sitting here and reading this either, I’m sure I”ll be lurking around at some point. lol) Anyway, that being said, welcome to  Catching Up with Carrie! I’ve got some news to tell you guys, so let’s jump right into this bad boy.


Favorite SongBox Around the Sun – MisterWives
Favorite TV Show: Once Upon A Time
Favorite Tea: Lipton Soothe Green Tea k-Cups
Favorite Food: Raspberries and Watermelon
Favorite iPhone App: YouNow
Weather: Blustery, but still nice.
Mood: Chipper and eager to finish ACOMAF.
Obsession: S’mores Frappuccinos from Starbucks, ACOMAF, and my new notebook laptop.

In Case You Missed It

Holy cow, this week was incredibly lacking in posts. Oops.

Blog News

  • We hit 82 followers! Yay!
  • With BookCon coming up next weekend, I’m trying to pre-write and schedule a bunch of posts for next week (it happens to fall the week right before finals).
  • I’m hoping to have a meetup of some sort next weekend with a few bloggers. If you’re going and interested, DM me on twitter or throw me an e-mail. We’ll hopefully have details hammered out soon.
  • I’ve got my first guest post coming for you guys! We’re both super excited about it, and I can’t wait to see it. 😀
  • I’ve met some lovely new people in the blogosphere via Twitter and wordpress. Don’t you love that?
  • Also, I kind of want to start a Goodreads group, or a twitter hashtag, or something where we can brainstorm ideas for our blogs. Would anyone be interested?

Personal News

  • After not having a laptop for about months, I finally bit the bullet and bought myself a purple HP Stream Notebook. It’s perfect! I can do homework and work on blog posts so much easier now.
  • It has seriously not been my week for bookish-related mail. So I ordered a signed copy of ACOTAR from this virtual signing and then next weekend, I had planned on having the Target exclusive copy of ACOMAF I bought signed at BookCon. Well, I received the book, and instead received a copy of ACOMAF. Soo now I have two physical copies of ACOMAF, and no copies of ACOTAR until next month. I wish I could give away the copy I got on accident, but it has my name in it. I’d much rather have the Target exclusive one signed, but I’ll probably end up reading the short story and returning it. This is totally #firstworldproblems, I know, but that’s my luck. Oh well. At least I get two signed copies out of the deal, right?
  • My best friend graduates from college next weekend! Yay! She invited me to go, but I will be in the city all weekend for BookCon, of course. Good news is that she’ll be home for a while before she heads back to start her graduate program this summer.
  • I apologize for a couple things this week: 1) I’m sorry if you commented and I didn’t reply to your comment, but I did to another. Chances are, I was out and/or at work and saw the comment, but couldn’t respond. I’ll play catch up today once Mother’s Day stuff is squared away. 2) I also apologize for my lack of posts. This week was crazy with math tests and reading quizzes, plus ACOMAF came out (in case you didn’t hear), so I pretty much put everything on hold to finish it (which I still haven’t). I did crank out what is now one of my new favorite posts with Tips for Reading More. If you get the chance, please go check it out, even if you already read enough to your liking.

That is it! What’s going on with you guys? I’m genuinely curious, so let me know below! I hope you have a great week!

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