15 Tips on How to Read More

Hello my lovelies! I have different post for you today. It was inspired by all of the Wrap Ups I read last Sunday and how everyone seems to be attempting to climb their way out of a slump. I wanted to share my 15 tips on how to read more. My hopes are that with the help of some of these tips, you’ll get inspired to read more and gleefully report that you read 14 books in a month in no time! 😉 (Just kidding, though if that does happen, that is AWESOME!)

  1. 03969356443edf22629c357d2513efd6Create a reading nook.
    I’ve found for me, it helps immensely when I have a special place to do my reading at home. For me, this is in my bedroom on my bed. I have a zebra printed bedrest (one of those pillows with arms) that I sit against, and then I turn on my Tardis string lights and these other little pretty fairy lights I got from Target. The ambiance is very chill and relaxed, making me excited to jump into my reading. If that’s not your thing, I’ve always wanted to take a round bed canopy net and a huge mound of pillows to create a comfy lounge area on the floor. It’s totally up to you!
  2. Make time for it / Prioritize.
    This one may seem obvious, but it’s the solid truth. You can’t read more if you don’t make time for it and/or prioritize reading. Instead of surfing the web, or messing around on your phone, READ. Put down the phone and pick up a book. I sometimes read when I have down time at work (and absolutely nothing else to do), but most of the time I read at night right before bed. It helps me relax and I have little chance of disruption.
  3. Read a book you enjoy.
    This one may also seem obvious, but when you have books that you need to read for a review, or forgot you requested on Netgalley, it could be difficult. However, it’s important to look at it not as a chore, but a nice little reprieve from the world. Let yourself get lost in the world the author has created for you. Fall in love with a character, gasp a plot twist, have fun!
  4. Track what you read.
    This one was surprisingly helpful for me. Once I started using Goodreads, I found that I wanted to increase the number of books I’ve read. It’s fun to look back and see what I read in the past and my thoughts on it as I updated it on Goodreads. It’s hilarious.
  5. 1451450312-1451450312_goodreads_miscChallenge yourself.
    This again goes back to Goodreads. I joined the 2016 reading challenge where I challenged myself to read 75 books this year. It’s just something I wanted to do to see if it was plausible. I’m not killing myself to read that many (I still have 7 months of the year left), but if I do, then it’ll be a nice little pat on the back for myself. If that’s not your thing, there are other groups that do other challenges (one of the groups I’m in did a wedding challenge and you read a book for each part of the wedding). I don’t usually take part in those, but they sound fun! (There’s also the standard TBR jar challenge.)
  6. Buddy read.
    0d18155a7d25f5e3f65c88e93d7d4c903c779f1eI’ve found that if I have another person or people depending on me to have a discussion with for a book, it motivates me to get it done. It’s also really fun to gush about parts of the book and see what their thoughts on the parts you’re reading.
  7. Read shorter books.
    A lot of times, it doesn’t occur to me to read shorter books; I feel like I’m cheating when I read a book that’s less than 200 pages. The most important fact that I’m missing is that I’m still reading. That’s all that matters. Whether it’s one page or a thousand, you’re still taking the time and taking in a book.
  8. 1394979675999574763earphones.svg.hiMultitask.
    When I say this, I’m referring mostly to listening to audio books. I tend to do this while I’m working out, cooking, doing the dishes, driving, etc. Since most of the time I go back to reading on my kindle, it’ll sync between the audio book and the kindle book seamlessly.
  9. If you own a kindle, read your books online when you can’t read the physical book or on your kindle.
    Like I’ve mentioned probably a thousand times before, I like to read on the kindle cloud reader at school/work. Let me justify this by saying that I only do this when things are slow. Since I work in the registration office, we have slow periods (which we’re definitely in right now) and if my homework is done for the day, I like to read. It’s helped me get through books a lot faster than just reading at home.
  10. Always have your book.
    Continuing with the theme from above, if you’re not into kindle books or audio books, make sure you have your book with you if know you’ll have down time. Going to an appointment? Read in the waiting room. Travelling somewhere? Read in the car/plane/train.
  11. Highlight passages and quotes you like / mark the pages.
    I love looking back at books I’ve read and looking at the notes I made/the quotes I highlighted. They’re super helpful when it comes to writing reviews or even writing other posts related to the book (hell-o Monday Morning Cuppa). If you can’t stand the thought of marking your book, write in a notebook.
  12. il_570xN.888830835_b6crUse a cute bookmark.
    Sometimes for me, all it takes is a cute case for my kindle, or a cute book mark, to help get me excited for the book (in addition to the story itself, of course). I bought these little magnetic bookmarks that are Celaena, Rowan, Dorian, and Chaol and they’re the cutest things ever.
  13. Visit your favorite bookstore.
    I’ve found that visiting my favorite bookstore and looking at new releases, best-sellers, etc. really helps to put me in a reading mood. It’ll either inspire me to buy something and go home to read it right away, or remind me of a book that I need to get around to reading. You just need to be in that atmosphere, you know?
  14. 2012-05-12_1336835449Go to your favorite coffee shop.
    There are a couple place around me that I love to go for a cup of tea or coffee. I don’t know what it is about them (even Starbucks), but the atmosphere is always so relaxing. If I’m not in a mood to stay at home and read, I’ll head somewhere else (like a coffee shop). There’s something about the music and sound of them making coffee that’s soothing.
  15. Keep it fun!
    As a culmination of a lot of the things I mentioned above, remember to keep your reading fun. Participate in a challenge, read a short story, fangirl with your friends, whatever! Make sure to make reading something that you enjoy and happily continue to do. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “15 Tips on How to Read More

  1. Read Diverse Books says:

    Hah, I read short books ALL THE TIME! I don’t consider it cheating 🙂

    I do agree with prioritizing reading. If any one is serious about getting more reading done, then you have to make it a priority over other things. Maybe not every day, but as often as you can. We often say that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get all the things done that we need (which is kind of true lol) but if we really when it comes to reading, if we put it above other things we will get lots of it done! Unless you’re in school or something and need to use all your spare time to study. If that’s the case, then I’m so sorry.

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