Chit Chat | TBRs and Reading Slumps

So Monday, I posted my March Wrap Up and explained that for now, I’m no longer posting a monthly TBR. I started to go into a little detail, but I wanted to save all that for a little chit chat today. The reason why I decided to skip the monthly TBRs is because I think it’s largely feeding into my reading slump. I’m not enjoying what I’m reading and this is annoying the hell out of me. I want to finish a book and immediately want to start reading it again. I’ve had this feeling once so far this year (ugh and now I’m starting to feel like a broken record. Sorry!).

So anyway, one of the reasons why I’ve decided that TBRs are the devil is the pressure it puts on me to read just those books. When I compile my TBRs, I look at which books I haven’t read, which books I have from the library, and what’s popular at the moment. From there, I compile my list based on what’s available to me and boom, I’ve got my TBR. The problem with this is that I then feel an immense pressure to strictly stick with the books that I mentioned in my post.

If I stray from it, then mentally I’m kicking myself and going, “What was the point of your TBR post if you’re not going to read anything from it?” The more I think about it, the more I’m realizing that I’m more of a mood reader than I first anticipated. If I don’t feel like reading a book or a certain genre, I’m probably not going to enjoy it. I looked back at my last TBR, and I still don’t feel like reading any of those books (I’m going to have to make an exception for Holding Smoke since it’s an ARC and it comes out next month).

Continuing with the idea of TBRs equaling too much pressure, not only do I feel pressure to read just those books, but I feel pressure to finish the entire TBRSo if I have 11 books, I feel like I’m going to have finish all 11 to keep on trend with the other months. If I don’t, then I almost feel bad because I haven’t been doing as much reading as I’d like, or told myself I’d do. The irony is that I put so many books on my list to give myself a little freedom, hoping that at least one of them might fit my mood at some point. Yeah…not so much. It backfired on me and instead just made me not want to read.

Reading is personal and if I’m completely honest with you, the only reason why I started doing a TBR in the first place was because I saw other blogs doing it. My first thoughts were along the lines of, “Cool. That’s a good way to organize what I’m reading next.” Then my reading slump hit and I had an epiphany about my TBR in relation to my slump, and two months later, I’m done with them. I should be reading books because I want to read them, not just because I feel like I have to or because they’re popular. I really, really miss enjoying reading and staying up way later than I should because I couldn’t put the book down. I just finished paying off my kindle voyage (yay!) and I haven’t picked it up in at least a month (last month I decided to give physical books a try).

I’m going to see how month goes in terms of reading. As of right now, I have absolutely no clue what I’m in the mood to read right now. I’m trying really hard not to wait it out until ACOMAF comes out next month. That’s just too far away. I’m kind of feeling Blackhearts, so we’ll see how that goes! If not, maybe I’ll try reading A Gather of Shadows to see if V.E. Schwab fleshed things out a little more. Either way, I’m not putting any pressure on myself to read anything. I’m just going to go with the flow. (:

What are your thoughts on TBRs? Do they help or hurt you? What’s your method for choosing books to go on it? Let me know below!

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16 thoughts on “Chit Chat | TBRs and Reading Slumps

  1. Emily | RoseRead says:

    I absolutely agree with you! I never do TBRs because I know they would just make me feel too claustrophobic. I like reading whatever I want when I feel like it. This is a really great post, I always kinda wonder if other book bloggers feel that way too!

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  2. Read Diverse Books says:

    It looks like ditching the TBR is the right choice for you. I don’t usually do them either because I’m also a mood reader. I think many people are and the ones who organize their reading schedule weeks in advance may be trying a appear really organized. But most people aren’t! When something becomes a drag or a chore, you know it’s time to stop.

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    • Carrianne says:

      I hear you loud and clear. I love reading too much to let it become a chore. My reading slump was starting to carry over into w blogging slump too and that also bummed me out. I think I’m back in groove for both now. (:

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  3. rattlethestarssite says:

    I’ve been trying to follow a TBR each month, but it’s usually pretty small. I’m also a mood reader and sometimes what I though seemed like a great idea at the start of the month isn’t any longer. Do what’s best for you! Reading is about enjoyment and why do something that is bringing you down? Thanks for the wonderful post!

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    • Carrianne says:

      You nailed it right on the head. I put on a book on my list with every intention to read it and then I go back and I’m like, “Eh, not so much.” I’m reading a book right now that I’m actually enjoying. What? 😱😱

      I’m really glad to hear you enjoyed the post! Thanks for stopping by! 😀

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  4. Carrie says:

    I’m right there with you, I can’t follow a TBR either or I end up with things I’m not in the mood for at that moment. Since I do read a lot from Netgalley I just make sure those are done before their publication but if the next one is mystery and I want fantasy I will bounce around. I think it keeps up my general mood for reading and get a lot more read if I’m not forcing myself to stick to a certain order.

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    • Carrianne says:

      I’m not gonna lie, I think Netgalley books were also putting me in a slump. I was so excited to read sown of them, and they fell flat. But yeah, I definitely agree. Those always get prioritized. Bouncing around might also work for me too. I tend to stick to one genre. I’m too scared to venture outside of my usual high fantasy.

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