Chit Chat | Continuing a Series You Hate

So a couple weeks ago, I was chatting with Regina @ She Latitude about reading and finishing a series that we did not enjoy. For me, this series was The Selection, as I’m sure you are all more than aware of by now. Countless times now, I’ve read or heard how people have read a series and hated it the entire way through. This is different from hitting a slow spot in a book and you just push through it until the book picks up (ahem, ACOTAR. I Hunt Killers.).

My question though is why?? Why do we put ourselves through this? Pushing through, say, one book in the series is one thing, but reading an entire series and still hating it in the end makes no sense to me. My deal with The Selection was that as frustrating as the books were, I was still sucked in, and actually ended up somewhat enjoying The One. The same went with Throne of Glass as well; the first book was lackluster and barely focused on the competition promised in the synopsis. However, I found that when I continued the series, it got better as it went on (and continues to do so) and it’s one of my favorite series now.

Is it necessarily fair to finish the series and then give it a poor rating on Goodreads (or otherwise)? Probably not. At that point, it probably would’ve been better to DNF the series for both your sanity and the rating of the book. I know that if I was an author and people were reading the entire series despite the fact that they hate it, I’d be frustrated unless they were telling me specifically why they didn’t enjoy it. Do we continue because we feel like we need to finish what we started? Is there some sort of connection we feel with the characters that we need to see what happens (me once again with The Selection)?

I’m thinking that it truly depends on a number of things. Here’s what I’ve come up with or found in various places:

  1. If there was character development problems or lack of world building, I’d stick with it and see where, or if, the author improves on things.
  2. Maybe your mood affected the way you viewed the book.
  3. If the series is hyped and everyone is reading it, sometimes you just want to read it to be part of the conversation (do I need to say it again?).
  4. Are there a lot of choices for that particular genre?
  5. Sometimes you just want to see how “bad” the series can get and where on earth the author is going with with it.
  6. There’s hope that the series will get better and you’re determined to give it a shot.

So yeah, these are my thoughts on this topic.What are your thoughts? Have you ever done this? Do you think it’s fair to the author? Let me know!

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One thought on “Chit Chat | Continuing a Series You Hate

  1. rakioddbooks says:

    I made this mistake once, and the reason was that I had hope the next book would be better. It never got better! I don’t think I’ll be making that mistake again.
    I don’t know if it’s fair for the author or not, but I think it’s good for people to review the series as a whole. That way the author knows what readers liked or didn’t like over all. Maybe it’s not so much the story or plot that’s bad, but their writing style or too many mistakes, etc.

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