Monday Morning Cuppa | Rowan Whitethorn

Welcome to Monday Morning Cuppa! If you’re not aware, ‘cuppa’ is slang used in the UK for a cup of tea/coffee, and since it’s part of the namesake of my blog,

Every other Monday, I’m going to share a tea with you that reminds me of a book or character. That tea then becomes my “currently cuppa” for the week. I’ll explain why it reminds me of the character/book and then throw in a review of the tea at the end of the post. Boom. Two of my loves [hopefully] integrated seamlessly. Let’s jump right in!

This Week’s Tea:

10477dt01var0026426-bi-1.712Tea: Mint Matcha – DavidsTea

Character: Rowan Whitethorn | Throne of Glass Series

Reasoning: Matcha tea is delicious, but at the same time very unforgiving (like a certain Fae prince we know) in the steeping process. To brew it correctly is very meticulous (there’s a certain amount and a bamboo whisk involved), and if not correctly, it tastes nasty. I’ve had this happen when I order lattes. I picked the matcha for the obvious reason that it’s green and the color of the liquor reminds me of Rowan’s pine-colored eyes. The mint comes in when I think about the scent of him that Aelin describes, which is Pine and Snow. Mint reminds me of Christmas/winter, which reminds of snow, which Rowan smells like. It works.

The Review:

What I like:  I like the sweetness that the coconut nectar brings to this tea. It helps to take away the earthiness that usually accompanies matcha tea. On the same note, I like that the mint isn’t super overpowering. Nothing can compare to the power of the mint in Cold 911. Plus, being a matcha, I feel like it’s so much more versatile.

What I don’t like: I’m going to sound a tab contradictory here, but I don’t like how earthy this tea can taste if you use too much. That kind of goes with any kind of matcha, and not just this one. I’m not going to lie, I don’t actually own this tea. I have had it to drink, I just got a cup of it in the store while I buying other stuff.

Consensus: Overall, I enjoy this tea. I don’t own it because matcha is a lot of work to steep that requires a lot of special tools. If you’re in the mood for something different, I’d definitely give it a try!

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