Chit Chat | One Month Update

On January 21, 2016, I posted my first review to this blog.  Since then, I’ve fallen in love with writing blog posts and interacting with fellow bloggers, participated in my first tag, and been nominated for an award. I’ve also gained more followers than I thought I would within the first month, none of whom I know in real life. (With the exception of one person who follows my blog by email.) Oddly enough, that’s the first question that people have asked me when I tell them about blog and it strokes my ego a little when they get excited for me.

I’ve had some awesome opportunities to read books for reviewing purposes (which I would have not have guessed would happen so soon) and I hope to continue  building my reputation as a reviewer. I’m still trying to find a groove that works for me, and build my following. My goal is reach 50 followers in the new few months! Fingers crossed! (Or spread that word. 😉 Just kidding. )

Anyway, I just wanted to take a second to thank everyone so far for following me, liking my posts, and commenting on them. I can’t wait to see where my blog takes me in the upcoming year.

I’ll see you on the radio,

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