Monday Morning Cuppa | Dorian Havillard

Welcome to Monday Morning Cuppa! If you’re not aware, ‘cuppa’ is [I think] Irish slang for a cup of tea/coffee, and since it’s part of the namesake of my blog, I wanted to come up with a feature to incorporate it.

Every Monday, I’m going to share a tea with you that reminds me of a book or character. That tea then becomes my “currently cuppa” for the week (you know, in case you miss this post and/or decide later to check it out. 😉 ). I’ll explain why it reminds me of the character/book and then throw in a review of the tea at the end of the post. Boom. Two of my loves [hopefully] integrated seamlessly. Let’s jump right in!

This week’s tea:

**spoiler alert if you haven’t read beyond Crown of Midnight in the ToG Series**
cold 911Tea
Cold 911 – DAVIDsTEA
Character: Dorian Havilliard | Crown of Midnight
Reasoning: Dorian discovers that he has powers in the novel when he accidentally blows out a wall/window. Later, we find out that his powers have to do with the ice. This tea’s purpose is essentially to help clear your sinuses so you can breathe again. The eucalyptus and peppermint in it literally blow you away. If you’re not sick and trying to drink this, it’s like downing a cup of vaporub because holy mother of pearl is it strong. Naturally, when I was thinking about which tea to pick for Dorian, I thought of his powers, which led me to this tea. I’m focusing solely on his powers with this tea. Especially since he really got to show off his strength at the end of the Queen of Shadows, which trust me, this tea can definitely match.

The Review

What I like: I like the idea of this tea. If I had been truly sick when I tried it, I probably would’ve been praising the heavens for it. Like I said, it’s like downing a cup of Vick’s Vaporub, and it would clearly your sinuses almost instantaneously (this is just speculation, but I feel like it would).

What I don’t like: If you’re not sick, drinking this tea is straight up nasty. There wasn’t enough agave nectar or honey in the world that could’ve made this tea sweet enough for me to finish. I guess they really count on your lack of taste buds when it comes to this tea. lol

Consensus: I feel like it’s unfair for me to not recommend this because I tried it once when I wasn’t fully sick. I had felt something coming on and wanted to try to nip it in the bud before it became anything. If you are sick, I’d give this a try or keep in stock for when you do get sick. (:


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