Series Sunday | Critique| Dead of Night

3 Teacups

22400091**I received a copy of the book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review**

I really loved the idea of this this book with love being outlawed as well as other beliefs. Or any beliefs for that matter. The pacing of this novel is very fast paced, almost too much so because I felt like things started happening all of a sudden and/or I missed some piece of information. The book starts with Aecker saving Opel from an attacker and her waking up with no memories of…well, anything. However, instead of showing signs of PTSD or trauma, she instantly falls victim to his good looks and warm smile because she “feels like she knows him.” The insta-love trope did not work for me here and I have no idea where it came from. One minute, she’s waking up with no memories, the next, it is a few weeks later, they’ve grown closer, and they feel empty without the other present.

The book continues like this, fast-paced with a lot of disconnect and sudden changes. While I like what happened, I needed more information guiding me through each change. **kind of spoiler alert** Opel wakes up and suddenly has her memories back. Could not tell you when, how, or why this happened. Suddenly she’s all like, ‘with my memories back, I can help!’ That’s great Opel, but when did that happen? I was left wanting a lot with this as the plot progressed and created more questions, but left a lot of them unanswered. The ending, while I get was supposed to be a cliffhanger, felt random. (Again with the sudden change of events.) Nothing leading to that point made any sense.

I wish that we would’ve been given more explanations of what “flaws” were outlawed. The only two I picked up on were love and faith. Other things aren’t explained until the last few chapters of the book, so I spent most of it wondering what on earth they were talking about. They were just these mysterious events that left the lands in ruins, basically.

Plot holes aside, I did enjoy the characters. Once Opel finally regained her memories, she seemed to gain personality as well. Her scenes with Noah were hilarious, especially when she hones in on her “observation” abilities and shares her findings with him. lol She’s an absolute badass! Girl can definitely hold her own. Aecker was great as well, his love for reading pulled at the heartstrings, and his devotion to Opel is endearing. I don’t know how he endures half of what he does, but it doesn’t seem to phase him. He just keeps fighting for love.

Would I recommend this book? Maybe, but I feel like there are some holes that need to be filled. It’s a little on the shorter side, so I feel like if it were a tad bit longer, the author could take the time to flesh out her ideas and give the readers a little time to catch their breath and grasp onto everything going on.

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