Critique | Can’t Stay Away by Lilly Avalon


Source: Goodreads

3.5 Teacups

Title: Can’t Stay Away
Author: Lilly Avalon
Publication: February 29, 2016

**ARC received from publisher for an honest review**

You know…I’m not quite sure how to start this review. For the most part, I enjoyed reading Chase and Piper’s story. I liked that the story alternated between POVs so you got both side of the story, and I felt like they were relatable characters. However, I didn’t necessarily feel connected to either of them. Piper was the biggest pushover in the history of ever, and never listend to anyone when they told her to stand up for herself. I didn’t have a problem with Chase’s character except that I felt he too needed to make up his mind. One minute he was all, “we can’t be together,’ and the next he’s kissing her and/or banging Piper’s brains out.

I did however, find that their relatonship was adorable. There were a lot of soft touches, and nose nuzzling, light kisses, and hot sex. It wasn’t the hottest thing I’ve ever read, but it definitely had its moments that I enjoyed very much. There was a nice balance of sex and story,

One of the problems I had though, was the author’s tendency to state the obvious and/or describe every single thing the character did. If a character is concerned, or realizing something, I’d rather read what expressions flash across their face or maybe what their eyes are doing rather than something like, “she looked at me with surprise, she knows what I said is true.” (That isn’t an actual quote, just an example.) To each their own, because everyone has their own style. I just know that for me personally, it took me out of the story a little bit to have everything told versus shown.

The other problem I had with the novel was the ending; it was extremely abrupt. While I can appreciate that Piper and Chase get their HEA, there are a ton of loose ends that need tying up. I’d be completely satisfied with an epilogue that tells us what happened with them, where they ended up, if they’re talking to their parents, etc. As of right now, it’s just like, ‘I have no job, home, or money. But I finally stood up to my father and I have you. Yay!’ While I appreciate their love, it isn’t practical. I’m just looking out for my girl Piper, you know? lol

Overall, I would totally recommend this to anyone looking for a light read with a fun relationship. I really did enjoy it, and it was a nice quick read for me.

Can't Stay Away


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