Monday Morning Cuppa | Chaol Westfall

Welcome to Monday Morning Cuppa! If you’re not aware, ‘cuppa’ is [I think] Irish slang for a cup of tea/coffee, and since it’s part of the namesake of my blog, I wanted to come up with a feature to incorporate it.

Every Monday, I’m going to share a tea with you that reminds me of a book or character. That tea then becomes my “currently cuppa” for the week (you know, in case you miss this post and/or decide later to check it out. 😉 ). I’ll explain why it reminds me of the character/book and then throw in a review of the tea at the end of the post. Boom. Two of my loves [hopefully] integrated seamlessly. Let’s jump right in!

This week’s tea:

pumpkin mateTeaPumpkin Maté – DAVIDsTEA – Yerba Maté
Character: Chaol Westfall | Crown of Midnight
Reasoning: The taste and smell of this tea is very earthy, which I attribute to the butternut squash and pumpkin seeds that it’s chalk full of. I remember reading in Crown of Midnight that Chaol’s favorite food is Boar stew, and while that may be more of a meaty taste, the savoryness of this tea make me think of a vegetable soup (close enough, right?). Chaol reminds of the fall, and when I look at this tea I definitely think ‘fall.’ It could very well be the fact that he’s the captain of the guard and sits with his men at long wooden tables, or runs around the grounds of the castle with Calaena. All very plausible. He’s just got a very homey vibe to him (once he warms up to Celaena), and the beautiful brown liquor reminds me of his brown eyes and hair. Imagine curling up on the small chair/couch in front of the fireplace in his room, with a cuppa pumpkin maté in hand, and book in your lap. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? I know I’d be down.

The Review

What I like: Just about everything with this tea. It’s more than likely an acquired taste because of how earthy it tastes, but once you’re used to it, oh my goodness. I love it. I just steep it for 5 minutes, squirt a little agave nectar in it (which by the way, makes all the difference), and you’re good to go. It’s like drinking a cup of vegetable soup without the heavy feeling you (or at least I) get afterward.

What I don’t like: The way the tea tastes unsweetened and the smell (but only a little). Ironically, it was the smell that turned me onto the tea in the first place. Some days I like it, others I don’t. It took me a while to get used to the tea because for a while, I was drinking sweeter dessert teas.

My recommendation: get it before it’s gone! This is a limited edition fall tea that I hope to God they bring back this year. I’m trying to stretch my stash for as long as I can. I may have to stop drinking it for a while. D: It’s a nice tea to drink when you’re feeling homey and don’t feel like a green tea or white tea.


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