Critique | Every Time He Leaves by Anna Karington

**I received an RC via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**



Source: Goodreads

3 Teacups
Dates Read: 1/27/16-1/28/16

Synopsis: Jarek and Lana share a night of ecstasy together just for her to wake up the following morning in an empty bed. 9 years later, with her heart barely intact, Jarek returns, causing a waterfall of emotions she’s been harboring to flood through her again. She seizes the opportunity to do unto him as he did unto her, except her plan doesn’t work out how she hoped. He’s starting to remind her why she loved him in the first place.

I really didn’t like the main character of Lana because I found it difficult to connect with her. The entire book felt like one giant pity party that I just didn’t quite grasp. I totally understand that she was hurt. It absolutely sucks and it takes a while for you to pick the pieces up and put them back together again. However, there was just so much back and forth. From the get-go I knew that Jarek wanted her, but she missed all of these glaringly obvious signs because she was too busy making assumptions out of the blue. For example: He was a womanizer. Whaaaa? I don’t even know where that came from. Or he was sadistic because he smiled at her. I just…huh? Her self deprecation was incredibly frustrating, although sometimes justifiable because her mom is a selfish biotch.

As for Jarek, I have gotta this guy a standing ovation because he has the patience of a saint. Lana was absolutely horrible to him. Yes, he hurt her, but not once did I get the sense of him flaunting it or being a jerk about it. I got the sense that he wanted to make amends. This poor guy’s heart was stomped on so unnecessarily because Lana couldn’t get it together and have an actual conversation with him about what happened. Instead, it all comes out in a (sort of) screaming match at the big fundraiser she coordinated where he doesn’t explain himself. He just sulks. Way to be a grown up guys.

Her mom? Hated her. She’s a selfish, gold digging hag who deserves to be alone. Kelsey? Same thing. Janet? Not nearly as funny as I was expecting her to be when she was drunk. I don’t entirely understand the raving reviews about that part, but that’s just me.

I liked the plot toward the very end of the book. I just wished that it would’ve been fleshed out more and weaved throughout the entire book rather than thrown in at the end. Instead, it was just like BAM, BAMBAMBAM, BAM, BAMBAM. I was so frustrated with everything hitting the fan, which is good, but exhausting. It was a lot at once squished into one or two chapters.

That being said, I would’ve liked to have seen everything dealt with in more than one chapter. Kirk’s abusiveness and their impending divorce, Lana’s mom’s greediness, Kelsey’s inherited gold-digger gene, and the actual start of Lana and Jake’s relationship. The epilogue was a tad awkward for me because all of a sudden it’s a year later and they’re moving. It didn’t mesh well with where the end of the last chapter left off.

OH, also, because I almost totally forgot about this: sex scenes. There are quite of a few of them. However, because of the amount of inner dialogue that happens, I didn’t find them sexy. I wanted to know what he was doing and how it felt. We don’t get so much of that, and instead, I felt super distracted by the inner dialogue. By the end of the book, I honestly skipped through it (and I do not skip through the steamy parts) and felt as if I hadn’t missed anything as long I caught the dialogue (maybe one or two lines).

Overall, not a horrible read. It’s a quick read  with a couple chuckles. I probably won’t be running to recommend it to everyone I know. Maybe if I felt it’d fit your interests.


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