Critique | The Elite by Kiera Cass

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Dates Read: July 14th, 2015 – July 17th, 2015

**Spoiler Alert**


Source: Goodreads

Hold on to your tiaras ladies because we’re down to the final six!

I think it’s safe to say that this book has made me despise love triangles. I may have to go get checked for whiplash from all the back and forth America’s been doing here. On one page she’ll be all gung ho for one guy, and the next she’s crying (about every other page) and leaning drastically toward the other.

The thing that kills me about this book is America’s utter lack of faith in Maxon. The smallest things send her crying into the arms of poor Aspen. I don’t think she understands that the Selection effects both her and Maxon. Should she decide not to marry him, he needs to find someone else. Maxon isn’t going to become a monk just because she said no. So she finds him all cuddled up with other girls and totally loses it. Naturally, her reaction is run to Aspen and promise him a future together. Until Maxon knocks on her door, or smiles at her and then it’s all about him again. This happens multiple times in the book and NOT ONCE DOES SHE LET MAXON EXPLAIN. He tries to and she’s all like, “Nope. I’m out. Peace.”

Meanwhile, Maxon resurrects a holiday for her and plans an entire ball/party, shows her a room that no one else is meant to see, and allows her to keep a very special book. Among so many other things. It’s all part of the too-perfect-package that is Maxon.

How does she repay him? But thinking irrationally and deciding to “go out with a bang” by proposing the abolition of the caste system and reading from aforementioned book on national television. Seriously? How stupid can you be?

So as much as he’s supposedly willing to fight for her after her stupid stunt and tries to stand up to the King, he’s totally ok with just letting her go home, but never forgetting her. And then as if things aren’t confusing enough, MAXON KEEPS HER THERE. Now she has to gain his trust again and deal with his asshole of a father rooting for her to fail. Yes, you read that right. After all that, she still gets to stay and on top of it, it’s the most anticlimactic thing ever.

Oh and can we talk about a) how long it took for them to realize that the rebels are after books and b) how pointless the scene with the rebel girl seeing her and curtseying(?!?!!!???) was? I just….I can’t. Either Cass has so many ideas that she doesn’t know how to weave them all into one, or she thinks her audience is dumb.

I don’t know how I managed to miss how selfish America is. Deceiving Maxon and all that, but also never thinking to give him anything (figuratively or not). She doesn’t have faith in him, she doesn’t seem to trust him, and she sure as hell hasn’t given him her heart yet, not completely anyway. At this point, she should stick to her plan to marry Aspen. He’s a two now, so he has money, and his chauvinistic ass can provide for her like he wanted. End of god forsaken love triangle.

But ooooh no. Now she’s gonna actually try. Say whaaaaat? Yes, America, drag these poor boys’ hearts through the mud a little more please. Maybe the king will actually get you to make up your damn mind and stop being such a wishy washy pussy.

To sum it all up: this book is a bunch of crying and indecisiveness. The plot just needs to be developed a little more. There’s potential there with the rebels, King Clarkson’s methods of dealing with his son, his threats on America, and America’s total disregard for anyone but herself. The book felt like a bunch of plot lines thrown together haphazardly.

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