Exciting Sarah J. Maas Newsletter

Ok, so today has been an excting day as far as emails go. As you can probably tell from the title, the latest SJM newsletter had some super exciting news in it.

  1. ACOMAF is in its final stages before it goes off to the publisher! Four more months, four more months, four more months. I may have to do a re-read of ACOTAR in preparation for its release. Anyone want to join me?
  2. I don’t know how I missed the announcement, but there is going to be a Throne of Glass coloring book coming out the same day as ToG 5. My inner child is freaking out. She said that it doesn’t have a cover yet. but the illustrations look awesome. That was enough for me to click on the pre-order link and get me some. lol If you’d like to get you some, check out Amazon.
  3. I also found out that ToG 5 is available to pre-order on Amazon as well. You can bet your bottom dime that I was all over that. I’m such a sucker, but what can I say? Hook, line, and sinker. Now all we have to do is eagerly await the title and cover reveal (apart from the actual release, of course).
  4. Also, I don’t know how I feel about the prospect of ToG becoming a TV show. They tend to stray from the novels…a lot. On the other hand, I’m excited about ACOTAR possibly becoming a movie. As long as it’s done well.

That’s it. I didn’t mean for it to become a mini ad for SJM, I just wanted to share news that was exciting to me while also relevant to the blog.

Are you going to pick up the ToG coloring book? Which ar you more excited for, ToG 5 or ACOMAF?

It’s a pretty even tie for me. I’m so boring. 😉

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