Critique | Imperfect Love by Isabella White

**I received a copy of the book from Fire Quill Publishing via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review**

1 Teacup
DNF @ 16%

I feel like a jerk because I reveived a review copy of this book and I couldn’t even make it a quarter of the way through it. However, this book needs a little more work before it’s totally readable for me. I knew that the more I read, the more frustrated I’d get.

I had high hopes because the description sounded good and it has a 4.01 average rating on Goodreads and Amazon.

However, I started reading and the writing style was too distracting for me. It felt repeatitive with descriptions of what people were doing, as well as excessive with things I didn’t need to know about. There wasn’t much flow to it and dialogue was disjointed. For example, on their way to the hospital in chapter five, Holly and Jake are having a conversation about Sonic and Jake’s lack of girlfriend, when all of a sudden he goes, “Ok Medusa.” Where did that even come from??? There was also the idea that Holly was religious thrown in there, but didn’t seem to stick. It was mentioned at the end of a chapter that she needed to start going back to church and missed it, but wasn’t touched upon again (at least not in the chapters that I read).

After all that, I don’t feel any connection to either one of the main characters; Holly reads too childish for me, despite her being my age, and Jake just feels awkward. He makes odd remarks that throw me off (such as the medusa thing) and I just don’t get that “hot, sexy” guy vibe from him. There was no chemistry between two as of yet, despite the fact that I sensed an insta-love trope lurking about.

My recommendation is to skip this one, folks. I just wasn’t feeling it.


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