Critique | Saving Lawson by R.J. Lewis

5 Teacups

Dates Read: July 6th, 2015 – July 14th, 2015

109875Holy Lawson!

Hang on to your kindles, ladies (and gents)! It’s gonna be one helluva ride. This book…I’m in love. I love a book that keeps you guessing and makes you go, “Say what?” as you’re reading. I literally slammed my tablet against a pillow a few times (in a good way. I was so not expecting that). I read in reviews that this book was intense and had some twists and turns in it. Um, yes. I’d say that, most definitely.

The Lowdown

The book starts a year-ish (six months post-baby) after the first one ends on a cliff hanger. Since I have kindle unlimited and already had the second ready and waiting, I was able to quickly go from one to the other. However, if I’m perfectly honest, I was hesitant because everyone was saying how intense the book is. I get so invested in books, it’d literally be exhausting for me to read.

Anywho, this book is about Heath continuing his assault on the Syndicate’s cash houses in hopes that it’ll turn everyone in the gang against each other. Meanwhile, Heath has to lie to Allie about where he’s getting money from and where he’s going. He used to be a street fighter, and I liked that aspect of the story, but it got pushed into the background once everything with Ricardo went down. Heath was changing, and hardening himself to protect Allie and Kayden.

There’s a lot that Heath knows now, like how to decipher the book of addresses he has, and how to tell where they hid the money in the houses, that he doesn’t explain right away. I never thought anything of it. Lewis was subtly giving us pieces of a puzzle we didn’t know we were putting together until the last few chapters of the book when the shit hits the fan.

The first half or “Part One” ends on a tear-jerking cliffhanger. Part two picks up three years later. This is when it gets really good. There’s so much drama and backstabbing and calculating that my jaw hit the floor once all the pieces of the puzzle were put together.

I have to applaud Lewis for making me both love and hate her characters, but keeping me in the story and surprising me as much as she did. I cannot tell you how much I love that. Plus although we saw things from Heath’s perspective, not one thing was given away. I just…dnksfdsiuofsn.

I’d definitely recommend this book. Read the first, obviously, because it’s your base, but don’t let it deter you from reading this one because this one is more action-packed.

Read my review on Goodreads if you want to read some spoilers!

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