Critique | Demon Princess by Kassandra Lynn

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Source: Goodreads

4 Teacups
Date Read:
January 23, 2016

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This is not possible. No demon royalty has ever been summoned, much less reduced to call someone her master.

Synopsis: After the disappearance of her father and brother, Demon Princess Adriana must assume the throne and become the Demon King. However, on the day of her coronation, mage-in-training, Aldric, summons her into the human kingdom. The problem is, Demons can’t be summoned. Or so she thought. Now, she must find her way back into the demon kingdom while keeping her identity a secret, otherwise she’ll be at the mercy of her mortal enemies.

I ended up enjoying this book just as much as I’d hoped, if not more. It’s a fairly quick read at only 142 pages that you could easily crank out in a couple hours.

Since the book is so short, it’s hard for me to do a thorough review without possibly spoiling a few things. So, I wanted to start with a few nonspoilery thoughts I had on the book.

  1. I loved the way the characters are written. I loved the good guys and despised the jerks, just as you want to when reading a book. I’ve got to applaud Kassandra.
  2. That being said, I love the unlikely heroine in Adriana. The connotation with demons is that they’re the bad guys. In this book, it was evident that she’s just a victim of circumstance and I may have started disliking the humans a little.
  3. Keldrin is totally swoon worthy. Look out book boyfriends! You’ve got a new one moving in.
  4. I liked the idea behind the plot with mages, demons, and summon beasts. It’s different from anything I’ve read (which usually deals with assassins, faeries, and witches).
  5. Now, the reason behind only a 4 teacup rating is the writing in the first few chapters of book. It felt a tad stunted, so I found myself  myself struggling to get through it.
  6. Another thing I felt was a bit odd was the fact that her brother and father’s disappearance isn’t really talked about that much.
  7. This also goes for Adriana’s own disappearance. I didn’t feel a sense of urgency to get her back from anyone in her kingdom.

That’s it for the nonspoilery section. If you want to know more, keep reading!

I think I’ll start with what I didn’t like about the novel first. It’s like ripping off a bandaid, right?

The reason why I knocked it down a teacup was because I really had to push through the first few chapters. The writing felt a tad stunted with sentences like,

Something tells me not to show them my demon wings.

slowing the flow down. Not necessarily bad, just excessive. It got to the point where I wasn’t sure if I was going to like the novel because it read a little juvenile. However, once Kassandra found her groove, the flow of the novel was beautiful and I couldn’t put it down!

 Another thing I had a problem with was the lack of attention paid to her disappearance. Adriana continuously talked about getting home and becoming the Demon King to keep things in order, but not once did I feel a sense of urgency from others in her kingdom. The demon princess just disappears and no one is scouring the human kingdom looking for her? I find that highly unlikely, especially with Sadi’s loyalty to her. Unless people weren’t all that concerned about her disappearance. She did mention that not everyone was in favor of her becoming King.

There isn’t a ton of world building. I mean, I understand how everything works at a basic level, but I’d like to know more about the various spells and kingdoms. It’d be cool to learn a little more about their history and the whole thing behind Savior Bloods, Warriors, and Wisemen. We get a little taste of it during their trip to the Barren Land, which I loved  but I want to know more.

There, that wasn’t so bad, was it? On to the good stuff.

Despite Adrina being a Demon Princess, I really liked her. She’s quite the unlikely heroine in both the sense that she’s a spoiled princess, and a demon one at that. As you read, you can see she is spoiled, but doesn’t act like it. There are just a few things she doesn’t know how to do. True, she has a couple minor tantrums that end up almost starving her and costing Keldrin 150 gold coins, but overall I think she handles the whole ripped-from-her-home-and-suddenly-a-summon-beast situation quite swimmingly. If she were a bit grumpy, it’s because Aldric is being a jerk and it is very much justified.

But she’s a girl. She can’t help me in combat. She-

Speaking of which, I loved her disdain for Aldric, because let’s be real, the dude was a jerk. He’s the reason I started to dislike humans. I couldn’t stand him, and he felt like an annoying little sibling you just want to rid yourself of. Despite the fact that she’s a human (or at least looks like one), Aldric treats her like crap. He embarrasses her in front of his classmates by making her eat on the floor, and doesn’t bother to arrange for proper sleeping arrangements. She just sleeps on the floor in the corner of his room.

I don’t feel the desire to help him. I’m perfectly fine watching him make a fool out of himself in front of so many people.

His counsin Keldrin was the perfect antithesis to him. Where Aldric looked at Adriana as a slave, Keldrin showed her kindness and treated her like a human being.

Adri is not a beast. She’s a human. Treating her like a summon beast is worse than slavery.

I 100,000% ship them, and I can’t wait to see where their relationship ends up, especially once he finds out her true her identity (it turns out that Adri’s father raped and killed his mother).

If I never get to see you again, I’ll regret not telling you that I love you.

Kassandra manages to work a love story into the plotline. I don’t know how, but she did and it worked well with the main plot of the book. It may very well have been the driving force. But don’t let it deter you from reading! There’s still a ton of magic and fun stuff. (:

I liked that the Warrior, the Wiseman, and the Savior all came together to work with the soon-to-be Demon King. I was so tense during their trip to the Barren Land and was afraid something would happen to give her away. Razen was looking at her a little too close for comfort, and things happened that were a dead giveaway to her demon heritage. I’m surprised Keldrin never caught on, even if Razen was hot on her trail and figured it out.

Can we talk about Sadi for a second? He’s a total badass! The scene where he talks with Aldric is perfection. I was totally rooting for Sadi to bloody him up a bit, maybe even kill him.

Mages command summon beasts through words…what would happen if I cut out your tongue?

That is, until Adri reminded us that if Aldric died, she did too. Ooopsies! I’d like to see more of Sadi though and I think it would’ve be interesting to read his POV while Adriana was gone.

So, closing thoughts…overall, and in case it isn’t obvious, I really enjoyed this book. I think it’s a strong start to the series that introduces the characters beautifully and sets up an interesting plotline to carry us into the rest of the books.


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