Critique | Queen of Shadows by Sarah J. Maas

4.7 Teacups
Dates Read: N/A (I started and put it down for a while)

**Spoiler Alert**


Source: Goodreads

This book. Oh man, I really enjoyed this book. So. Much. Happened. I wish I would’ve taken notes with the intention of doing a review, but alas, I did not, so I’m going on memory and therefore, this review will probably be on the short end of things, or maybe not. I might get on a roll and not be able to get off. lol

I’ll start with a few things that didn’t work for me.

The first being the sudden hostility between Chaol and Aelin. I have no idea where it came from, unless the realization of who/what she is upset him. Regardless, I was annoyed with him and couldn’t stand his character “development” in this book. I felt like he needed to remove the stick from his butt and just accept things as they were. If not, just leave it the hell alone. Dorian and Aelin were cool, once he became king, Aelin wasn’t going to do anything to do him. Dorian’s father was the problem.

The second problem I had with the story was Arobynn’s death. It was anticlimactic; I refuse to believe that the frigging king of assassins would be so easily killed in his sleep. After all the crap that he put Aelin through (torturing her, being sleazy, killing Sam), why wouldn’t she want to be the one to do it? Make him pay for the things he’s done. I get that Lysandra had her own demons, but I feel like it would’ve been so much more satisfying if Aelin had done it. I read that section and was like, “Something’s gotta happen. That was way too easy.”

It was so very easy to sit up and slice the knife across Arobynn’s throat.

Nope. Not the case. It was that easy to kill him, which undermined that entire storyline.

The third was the fact that the king of Adarlan is now dead. I loved the battle between him, Aelin and Dorian, but I don’t know…his death was kind of anticlimactic (I’m noticing that as a theme with major deaths in this book). I had such a build up in my mind and then boom, nothing. Although, I did like the bomb he dropped about Duke Perrington. I thought something was up with him. It felt like he was a much bigger player in the game that SJM was letting on.

Now, everything else? Loved it. I read/watched a few videos where people weren’t happy with the change of the Rowan/Aelin relationship dynamic. I frickin’ loved it. I shipped them so hard in HoF and was sad to see that she left Rowan behind. Why??? But then he showed up in Adarlan and everything was good in the world again. I like that he became protective of Aelin and no, this didn’t come of out nowhere. In HoF, his blood oath was with Maeve and I feel like he tried to keep himself at a distance because of this (what with her [Maeve] probably trying to get information out of him and whatnot). Once that changed, I could totally see why he was so protective of her and possessive. She was his queen. He was sworn to her. It was probably a mixture of both the blood oath and his feelings coming to light that made him so possessive.

And then, their flirting. Yesss.

“I want to take my time with you‒to learn…every inch of you. And this apartment has very, very thin walls. I don’t want to have an audience…when I make you moan, Aelin.”

Enough said.

I’m ecstatic that Aedion and Aelin are finally reunited. I felt bad for Aedion when he found out that Rowan is already under a blood oath to Aelin. Can they not both do it? I think that’d be cool and make their court that much stronger. I also love the fact that Lysandra isn’t just another pretty face and that she can totally hold her own and make a big contribution to the court. Aelin’s band of misfits is coming together quite nicely. If she gets the witches on her side, despite the fact that she’s a “witchkiller,” she’d be able to kick some serious Valg-demon-prince ass.

I’m happy with the direction of where things are going. Here’s my wishlist for the rest of the series:

1) Terrasen Court/Aelin as queen.
2) Elide finding Aelin.
3) Manon switching sides and fighting with Aelin. Manon seems to be questioning the status quo.
4) I want to find out more about the whole cryptic thing with Queen Elena and Nehemia. I’m assuming this is in regards to Dorian and Aelin, seeing as their powers melded together seamlessly during the battle with the king.

That’s it. I loved this book and I cannot wait until the next one. I need more! lol


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